5 Online Developments: Gaming Technology in CA Casinos

Top 5 New Technological Advancements in Gaming

The online gaming industry is booming. According to Market Watch, the global online gaming market is expected to reach $ 74 billion by 2023. This is due to the increasing availability of mobile casino applications in the USA, Great Britain, Canada, China and Australia. As the online gaming audience grows, more and more technological innovations are emerging in mobile casinos to accelerate their growth.

With that in mind, here are five technological trends for mobile casinos that have the potential to change the industry and your gaming experience:

1: Cloud gaming technology

With cloud services, you can play online without downloading apps. Here the Internet does everything necessary to make the phone unusable. This offers higher speeds and smoother gameplay. However, the disadvantage of playing in the mobile cloud is that a lot of data is used.

2: Virtual reality games

The virtual reality concept is not as much new, but rather more advanced and already alive in general console gaming. While the most expensive headsets and software are reserved for laptops and high-tech computers, there are still cheaper virtual reality devices that are designed for gaming on mobile devices. With optional mobile virtual reality games in many online casinos, you can immerse yourself in virtual worlds to play exciting cards and slot machine games.

Though few games exist for the online casino, the first game being Jack and the Beanstalk™ by NetEnt, we still may be 20-year off form these games being the standard. 

3: Cryptocurrency casino

Due to the surprising growth of the Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies like the Litecoin, many online casinos have started to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. In addition to adding these new payment options, the growing blockchain tech behind these cryptocurrencies also offers numerous advantages for online platforms.

The blockchain essentially acts as a public table that is spread across many networks. All cryptocurrency transactions are recorded in real time. And since every transaction is encrypted in a decentralized system, the risk of fraud is very low. This can reassure those affected by the encryption and cyber security costs of mobile casino games.

For French and Canadian speaking players, you can find examples of these online casino Canada platforms that allow bitcoin payments via this link. 

4: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Whether you knew it or not, artificial intelligence software and technology is already a part of your daily life. When Netflix makes recommendations for movies or series, the AI ​​is at work. If you think Google’s search results are somehow customized or similar to what you’re looking for in the past, it also depends on artificial intelligence.

AI chat robots or mobile virtual assistants are often used to support customer service so employees can be contacted immediately. Customer support is an important part of online casinos, not least because it can increase security. It is common for players to be wary of online games due to fraud and security risks. However, a reliable customer support team can help you resolve these issues.

5: Live gaming technology for mobile casinos

If you don’t have time to visit land-based casinos, live merchants and real-time feeds in mobile apps can still give you a similar gaming experience. In terms of online gaming trends, Canada and the United Kingdom are generally leaders, but the fact that it is available in new gaming areas is an indication of the demand for live dealer in online casinos.

These are just a few of the key technological trends in mobile casinos. You see more and more casino trends and game innovations every year. So, keep an eye on this area or dive in and find yourself the latest mobile casino games.

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