5 Amazing Ways To Burn Calories While Renovating Your Home

Are you always waiting until next week to start exercising? It’s hard to get into a routine unless you’re really motivated. The thought of spending hours on a treadmill probably doesn’t put a smile on your face either.

Why don’t you renovate your house instead? Spending a weekend fixing up your home will burn lots of calories, plus it’s a great way to boost your motivation. Here are some cool jobs you can start working on right now.

1. Replace Your House Windows

It’s possible to install windows if you have a friend with some DIY experience. You’ll need to start in the morning though, because it could take all day. Do you have enough strength to lift the windows into place?

If your old windows are letting cold air into your home it could be time to replace them. Once it’s done your energy bills will come down. It might be worth choosing Canadian Choice doors and windows if you would rather a professional to install them.

2. Move Your Furniture Around

Moving furniture around is similar to playing tennis when it comes to burning calories. Have you ever thought about changing the layout of your entire home? Now you know it won’t be a waste even if you need to change it back.

It’s worth testing out a few ideas if you want to get fit. Would your home office look better in your spare room? Moving boxes around burns lots of calories too, so you can finally empty your garage or attic that you’ve been putting off.

3. Sprucing Up Your Back Yard

Pushing a heavy mower around burns roughly 400 calories per hour. You’ll burn the same pulling weeds and planting bulbs. If you’ve ever wanted to start growing tasty vegetables it might be time to take the plunge.

Digging a fish pond is equal to a tough gym session. Building a garden path is going to burn lots of energy. When it comes to your garden, you’ll be able to get a good workout every weekend throughout the year.

4. Cleaning Your Exterior Walls

Houses look really old when the exterior walls are extremely dirty. You’ll need to spend a while blasting your walls with a pressure washer to clean them. Just a heads up, it takes lots of energy to hold one in your hands all day.

Don’t forget to scrub the outsides of your windows. I know the actual prices for replacement windows are pretty good, but they can still be washed until they look brand new. On the plus side, your house should look sparkling as you drive up to it!

5. Empty Debris Out The Gutters

Make sure there is no debris in your gutters. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably not emptied yours for years. Everything could come crashing down when it freezes in winter if you’re unlucky.

You’ll burn lots of calories climbing up and down ladders all day. Can you see lots of leaves lying on your roof? If so, you’ll be able to reach them with a brush. They’ll eventually clog everything up if you ignore them.

Remember, Little Tasks Add Up!

We’ve talked about a few jobs that might take an entire weekend to complete, but calories burned from little tasks add up too. Why not fix a broken faucet instead of binging on Netflix?

WE SAID THIS: Do you have any other ideas to burn the calories whilst renovating your home?