4 Reasons Why a Full SEO Assessment Makes Sense

It’s been a long time since any major changes were made to the company website. Other than adding some content now and then, it’s remained the same over the past decade. Ow, maybe a time to seek out a professional who can conduct a full assessment and identify ways to improve the site. This can often be done at a reasonable SEO price and can pave the way for improved page ranking. Here are some of the reasons why an assessment can be in your best interests. 

Your Pages Aren’t Performing Up to Past Levels

There was a time when your site’s pages received quite a bit of traffic. There’s still some, but it’s nothing like the amount of traffic you received a few years back. Something has led to fewer people being interested in visiting your website. Now is the time to find out why that’s happening.

An expert can identify every element that’s currently motivating people to visit the site and spend time looking around. That same professional can pinpoint what elements are no longer attracting attention and may even be driving traffic away. Once you know what works and what doesn’t. It’s easier to make changes that bring back higher volumes of visitors. 

The Look is Dated

When the site was launched, it had a truly contemporary appearance. Like anything else, websites can begin to show their age after a time. That’s what’s happening with your site now. 

Experts can identify ways to update the look and give everything a fresh appearance. There may still be elements that are held over from the old design, since some of them are still attracting positive attention. When the assessment is complete, there will be no doubt about how to give the site a fresh look that visitors find appealing. 

Your Keyword Usage is Not in Line With Current Standards

Like everything else with the online world, keywords come and go. A few manage to remain popular in general, but others may fall out of favor completely. One of the issues with your site is that the content is still using keywords that aren’t used for searches these days. You could also be using them too frequently, another factor that leads to lower page rankings. 

An expert can identify what keywords no longer work for you. That makes it all the easier to rework the content and add keywords that will attract attention. As long as the usage is in line with current standards, you should see a gradual increase in site visits.

Some of the Content is Outdated

While some of the content is still performing well and will do better with some slight tweaking, other content is actually hurting the page rankings. That’s because the information is outdated or is no longer relevant. You can bet that a professional will identify content of this type and have some ideas of what to do with it. 

The bottom line is that you need help from Toronto SEO experts if your web pages are going to show up higher in search engine results. Call today and arrange for an assessment as well as a consultation. The results could mean a significant increase in traffic in just a few weeks.

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