10 Latest Trending Apps to Grow as an Influencer in 2021

Planning to grow your social media presence?  You can achieve organic growth by taking advantage of the many apps available to you. Viral trends can be hard to track, let alone foresee, and getting big brands to recognise your influence can take a long time without the right tools.

With millions of us online at any given time, every social network has become an entertainment platform, and we’re all waiting for the next viral video to drop. Below you’ll find a list of 10 apps to help you become the influencer you want to be, create the viral content you need, and cultivate a following you can be proud of.

1. Influencer Marketing Hub

In an ever-changing digital marketplace, companies and influencers can use Influencer Marketing Hub to monitor a significant variety of metrics. Filled with some of the most useful resources for influencers and brands alike, Influencer Marketing Hub is the go-to app for dynamic content solutions.

From platform reviews to e-commerce guides, Influencer Marketing Hub offers a treasure trove of data and analytics software to take advantage of. If you prefer creating content yourself, there are plenty of tools in this nifty app that will help you to plan out a triumphant viral campaign.

2. BrandSnob

Successfully bridging the gap between brands and influencers, BrandSnob makes marketing collaboration safe and painless. Use BrandSnob to get in touch with a number of reputable brands, and make your viral marketing plan as streamlined as possible. 

Focusing on fashion, fitness, beauty, and luxury content, BrandSnob is easy to navigate and integrates useful data analytics. Guaranteed to help you build an organic audience, this app is a first choice for many aspiring influencers.

3. Canva

Offering plenty of value with no entrance fee to speak of, Canva is a widely-used graphic design and video editing app. Create logos, produce a video, or simply pick a filter for your latest photo. There’s a slew of editing tools available, each one as easy-to-use as it is effective. 

Short of paying an annual license fee, this is the closest you can get to Photoshop-level software. With over 5 million satisfied users, Canva is the most popular free editing software around.

4. Repost

Repost makes sharing social media content a quick and easy task. No need to trawl through hours of online material, simply copy a link and it’s yours to do with as you please. Record audio separately or add a caption before sharing a video, there are quite a few options available.

Set up your profile any way you like. Repost allows users to manage multiple Instagram accounts with a variety of digital tools. Amassing a high majority of favorable reviews, content curation is a breeze thanks to this handy app.

5. Task Ant

A premium hashtag generator, Task Ant uses analytics software to track trends and viral content. Generating over 100 hashtags per query, this highly-rated app allows you to optimise your hashtags with minimal effort.

If you take a look at a few similar apps, Task Ant has gained the best reviews by far. Clearly this app delivers on its features, and provides a bullseye hashtag for any target audience.

6. Crowdfire

Schedule your content weeks in advance with Crowdfire, a comprehensive social media management app. Seeing that the world has embraced a 24-hour news cycle, Crowdfire will help to ensure that your influence extends across all time zones.

The free version of Crowdfire allows for up to 10 posts to be set up in advance, and an upgraded plan allows for a larger queue. Get inspiration for a variety of trending topics, and set up your campaign well ahead of time with this highly-rated app.

7. Jarvis

An AI content creator known for high-quality copywriting, Jarvis will speed up any writer’s workflow. You’d be surprised how engaging AI writing can be, and this expertly-developed tech pushes out quality content at tremendous speed. 

Jarvis offers a free trial if you’re on the fence. Trained by writing and marketing experts, this AI companion is a perfect fit if you’re pushing out a broad range of content at a high frequency.

8. Amplifr

Amplifr gives you the ability to customise your content for a variety of social media platforms. Instead of logging in to all your accounts individually, Amplifr gives you control over all of your social profiles from one place.

This app will definitely save you time and energy. Queue up some posts and Amplifr will do the rest of the legwork for you, suggesting the best time to post, and on which platforms your content will be most effective.

9. Model Now

Using Model Now is a lot easier than traditional modelling work. Save yourself from the hassle of casting agencies and unnecessary travel. Model Now isn’t just convenient for models, it’s also a great way for beginners to discover their first on-camera opportunity. 

Get access to all available casting calls at the touch of a button. Filter campaigns by country, or search for a casting agency in your city. Simply create a profile, pick a good photo, and you’ll be auditioning in no time.

10. Muses

Every influencer needs a monetization strategy, and the Muses influencer app is a great platform to earn an income with. Join a community of bloggers, influencers, and other content creators. Collaborate on sponsorship deals, and refer each other to free giveaways.

Offering a stable experience that many businesses enjoy using, Muses provides legitimate work opportunities for any genuine influencer. Updated daily, this underrated app always has new friends to find, or fresh offers to grab.


Becoming a successful influencer can be quite the challenge. Making that challenge a little easier, the apps featured above should help with navigating the ever-changing landscape we call social media. 

There are thousands of apps out there, all competing for the same space. We hope our list offers something that will get you the results you’re after, and save you from a few headaches along the way.

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