When In Manama: Places You Need To Visit In Bahrain’s Capital

For everyone who likes traveling in the Middle East, the island of Bahrain needs to be on your radar. Excluding the Riffa Clock Tower, the Harbour Towers and the Bahrain International Circuit, there is a huge number of places to visit! For example, the capital of Bahrain, Manama, is somewhere you have got to visit. Don’t worry, you won’t be lost, because we know just what you need to visit there. Here are five places in Manama to enjoy!

Bab Al Bahrain

The historical building is right in the heart of Manama. Standing since 1949, the building houses the government’s administrative offices. With a British design, Bab Al Bahrain is the old Manama souq, meaning it’s a market. It has a variety of shops from all over the world and coffee shops in its alleys. Visit it now for an unprecedented cultural experience!

Shri Krishna Temple

The Shri Krishna Temple represents the relationship between Bahrain and India. Built in 1817, the temple is filled with heritage and is solely dedicated to Lord Shrinathjii. The holy temple is filled with prayers and diety pictures. Moreover, you can go visit it to see the architecture and artistic walls as well as to sit in the open area. It would be like going to India while being in Bahrain.

Bahrain National Musem

The Bahraini museum has cultural and historical collections that take you back in time. There’s the Burial Mounds room, Dilmun room, Tylos and Islam and much more. It’s also the home of 6000-year-old archaeological collections. It exhibits a number of fossils and replica skins for a lot of marine life that is as old as dinosaurs. Make sure to visit the museum when in Bahrain.

La Fontaine Center of Contemporary Art

Close to Manama’s souq, La Fontaine center of contemporary art stands; it is over 150 years old, with no alike in the Middle East. The center is an architectural masterpiece, blending the vibe of European castles with Islamic architecture. What used to be a house is now a center for art, as it hosts art galleries, an open-air venue, a dance studio and a luxurious dining restaurant. Stop by when in Bahrain for a European experience.

Bahrain National Theatre

The National Theatre is huge! Inspired by the tales of One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, it has 1001 seats and wooden interiors. Overlooking the sea, the building hosted some of the biggest international performances under its roof. However, it’s not just about being one of the largest auditoriums in the Arab world, it also has a smaller hall, a cafeteria and an outdoor hall with a lake as its view. Drop by the historical achievement when in Manama.

Al Fateh Grand Mosque

It is the biggest mosque in Bahrain and one of the largest mosques in the world. Built in 1987, the mosque is also the home of the National Library of Bahrain. Due to its huge space, it can hold up to 7,000 worshippers at once. One of its most mesmerizing facts is that it has a huge dome that’s completely made of fiberglass, and weighs 60 megagrams. It’s a source of pride for Bahrain, and if you’re interested in Islamic architecture, you should definitely pay it a visit.

Tree of life

Though it’s 40 kilometers away from Manama, it’s worth the drive. The Tree of Life stands on a hill in the Arabian Desert. It was perhaps given that name because despite being 400 years old, having no obvious source of water, and being in the desert where it’s extremely hot, it continues to grow green branches! It is 9.75 meters high and experiences extreme temperature changes, yet it’s a natural miracle that’s definitely worth seeing.

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