Scoop’s Christmas Gift Guide: 10 Gift Ideas For All Literature Enthusiasts!

If you’re questioning what to buy for your writer friend for Christmas, you don’t need to anymore! Take your time decorating the Christmas tree, prepping Christmas dinner and don’t worry about what to buy. Scoop has got for you 10 Christmas gift ideas that you can choose from for your author friend.

Book-scented candles

Cross my heart and hope to die that every writer has been caught in a library smelling a book. Get them the book-scented candles and they’d be grateful.

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It’s true that all OG writers love hardcopies, but for the sake of efficiency, they could use a Kindle to read books anywhere.

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Moleskine notebook

It’s such a waste when great ideas are forgotten just cause your litterateur didn’t have a piece of paper nearby. Get them the chic Moleskine notebook to scribble down their ideas.

Fingerless gloves

It’s hard to write with frozen knuckles. Fingerless gloves are going to help your penman a great deal. Your friend would be thankful every time they write down a sentence in the blazing cold.

The chance to be a writer at Scoop Empire

If your friends want the world to hear their voice, you can gift them the chance to be a writer at Scoop Empire! As a growing platform, we are always looking for more writers. Without new voices, Scoop Empire wouldn’t be what it is today. We’re hiring English and Arabic writers. If your friend is interested, let them email us at We’d be waiting for their CV, two writing samples, and a little bit about themselves!


This is kind of an old-fashioned tool but it’s definitely a classic. It’s been owned by all the founding fathers of literature — probably not the ones who lived before the typewriter was invented, though.

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On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King

That book has been praised by many writers for being informative. Give them this book, but don’t forget to emphasize that you aren’t telling them they suck at writing.

Massage Coupon

At first glance, this looks out of place, but it really isn’t. With hours hunched over the laptop typing away their soul, a massage is necessary. Be that kind friend and give them a massage coupon.

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Every wordsmith has hundreds of books, and probably no place to store them! A small portable bookshelf is going to make them happy.

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Noise-canceling headphones

Sitting in the same peaceful place can get boring. Noise-canceling headphones would enable your buddy to get a change of scenery and silence simultaneously!

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