VIDEO: Three Friends Jump from the Top of a Dubai Skyscraper

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Three daring adrenaline junkies chose an extreme way to bond together. The three daredevils; Noah Bahnson, Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen, decided to jump from the top of one of the tallest residential towers in Dubai.


They chose Dubai’s Princess Tower as the location for their adventurous jump. The stunt was not as risky as it sounds though; every single thing was planned and supervised by professionals. The three guys are also professional athletes.


Who are your crazy #friends? 😳 #XDubai #SkydiveDubai #DreamJump #tbt #MyDubai #DefyYourLimits #gopro 😁@noahbahnson 😅@vincereffet 😱@fredfugen

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The jump was filmed and supervised by the daring group xDubai; whom are licensed and trained to do such extreme stunts. XDubai are not only a community of action sports enthusiasts, they are also partners with Dubai Culture.



WE SAID THIS: Those guys take friendship to a whole new level!


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