These Two Egyptian Artists Use Screws to Create Stunning Portraits

by Salma Hossam

Via Omar Wael and Mohamed Arafa


I’ve always been a fan of art ever since I could remember. Egypt’s art scene has been on the rise for the last few years, with artists challenging stereotypes, fighting stigma and so on, it’s quite a beautiful time to live in. All these young bright and creative minds make me so proud as they swim against the current to create something that they believe in. Especially Omar Wael and Mohamed Arafa’s minds.


The two Egyptian artists aren’t just any kind of artists, they don’t use paint to draw, they use screws.


Via Andrew Myers


The artsy duo were inspired by Andrew Myers, commonly known as the Godfather of screw art. Wael and Arafa were introduced to his art four years ago and instantly fell in love with it. They’ve self taught each other until they nailed it…no pun intended.


Via Omar Wael and Mohamed Arafa


After a very long year of studying and training, they finally opened Pinsanity in 2014. “It wasn’t easy at all in the beginning. Not a lot of people supported us because they didn’t acknowledge this kind of art,” Wael and Arafa tell us.


Via Omar Wael and Mohamed Arafa


But it took them one viral post on Facebook to get people to change the way they see their art. A picture of one of their work, Titanic, went viral on social media with comments showering the original post of how much people want the art piece.


Via Omar Wael and Mohamed Arafa



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