What Would Superheroes Do If They Worked in Egypt?

Superheroes are, like, the best — especially right now. With so many movies such as Justice League and The Avengers coming out, to TV shows such as The Punisher and Legends of Tomorrow, there’s just no shortage of them.


Us Arabs, however, sometimes (just sometimes) wish that we’d have an Arab superhero of our own — which is why we low key fangirled when we stumbled upon the following pictures in the Twitterverse of superheroes going about their daily lives in Egypt.



Batman is casually just giving The Joker a haircut


Via Ahmed Ismail Mubarak



Captain America runs his own fool cart for some reason


Via Ahmed Ismail Mubarak



Rafael has decided to work as a body guard at Cairo Tower


Via Ahmed Ismail Mubarak



Superman apparently works as an accountant and is late for work because of traffic


Via Ahmed Ismail Mubarak




Iron Man owns 7antoors by the Pyramids and is putting them into good use!


Via Ahmed Ismail Mubarak




WE SAID THIS: Which one is the most believable?


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