Disturbing Video Surfaces of a Child Kidnapper Caught in Citystars Mall


We hear about kids getting kidnapped every day, but we never ever think that it will happen to us. No matter how careful you are when you’re out with your children, you’re bound to lose focus for a couple of seconds. Unfortunately, a few seconds is all it takes for your child to disappear.


A video surfaced last night of a man caught by Citystars Mall security team while being attacked by a woman. Allegedly, the man tried to kidnap the woman’s son. This happened in front of Zara, which happens to be the busiest part of the mall. To say this is a horrifying footage would be an understatement. It is an alarming wake-up call that our kids are not safe, even in one of Egypt’s biggest malls. The only comfort we get is that the kidnapper was arrested.



Watch the disturbing video below:




WE SAID THIS: Absolutely sickening. 


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